The new single ‘How They See You’ by Blind Season off their latest album which is an ode to toxicity

Blind Season’s upcoming album is an ode to loneliness and toxicity that feel as if they were ripped from Billy Corgan’s Diary and featured in a film by Tim Burton. With the current questionable climate of the world there’s no
question that this album will find its proper home and become a sign of the times.

Their next single release is called ‘How They See You’

Says Founding member of the band, Shane Sigro of the song:
“This song turned out a lot different than how I originally planned it to be. It’s a very funny and sarcastic take on a serious situation that I shouldn’t have been in with someone. I had to find a way to make it light hearted and this seemed like the best way. Looking back now I just laugh.”

Stream the new single here:
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/blind-season/how-they-see-you


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