Organic Melodies and Heartfelt Harmony: PATRICK & LEANNE’s ‘Poem in Three (Make Me Your Love Song)’ Resonates as a Timeless Masterpiece.

“Poem in Three (Make Me a Love Song)” has been making waves in the folk music industry. This melodious epic is the brainchild of the dynamic folk duo Patrick & Leanne.

The song has its genesis in the rich poetic tradition of Peggy Schimmelman, and the transition from poem to song has been beautifully accomplished. The lyrics in the chorus are an auditory delight, with a rhythmic cadence and charming wordplay that sweep the listener away in a gentle waltz. “Make me a love song, in three quarter time, Conjure me, count me in, One, two, three; One, two three. Whisper me, whistle me, dance me romance me, Move me, infuse me with rhythm and rhyme.” – these lines add an enchanting charm to the track and are a perfect reflection of the song’s original poetic origins.

The musical expertise of Patrick Russ, with his Celtic and Americana background, is on full display in this track. His composition skillfully weaves in references to music in 3/4 time, an ode to his roots, as well as to the greatest musical artists who’ve left an indelible mark on the industry.

And Leanne Phillips! Her vocals are simply divine. They harmonize impeccably with the tune, creating an almost ethereal aura around the track. Her experience from performing in New York & California is evident in the depth of her voice.

The inclusion of a fiddle solo in the bridge is nothing short of masterful. It adds a new dimension to the song, imbuing it with an irresistible musical magic.

This song is not just a song; it’s an EXPERIENCE; a delightful fusion of folk and acoustic elements crafted with genuine love and care. Patrick & Leanne have demonstrated their immense talent and versatility with this release. “Poem in Three (Make Me a Love Song)” is an extraordinary entry into the world of folk music, and we can only anticipate what other wonders this duo has in store for us.





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