The Disciple Makes a Powerful Comeback with Thought-Provoking Rap Song ‘Bottom of Society

Oliver Pulfer, a conscious and politically aware hip-hop emcee, has returned to the spotlight under his stage name, The Disciple, with an impactful new release titled “Bottom of Society.” Through this thought-provoking rap song, The Disciple delves deep into politically charged themes, shedding light on the hardships endured by marginalized communities worldwide.

Born in 1988 in Bern, Switzerland, Oliver Pulfer developed a passion for rap music and Hip Hop culture from a young age. Driven by his international outlook and deep respect for diverse cultures, he honed his skills in crafting English rhymes during his teenage years. Taking inspiration from left-wing intellectuals such as Jean Ziegler, Noam Chomsky, and pan-African leaders, he embraced the moniker “The Disciple,” symbolizing his role as a messenger disseminating insights and teachings gathered from extensive reading on global affairs and international history.

The Disciple’s lyrical prowess addresses critical issues, including Western exploitation in third-world countries, international politics, and revolutionary concepts. His previous single, “Metaphysical Disorder,” garnered significant attention for its poignant commentary on the genocide of African cultures due to the overwhelming dominance of Western Civilization.

Now, The Disciple is set to release his latest single, “Bottom of Society,” featuring the captivating Xhosa vocals of Nonkoliseko Somagu. This Afro-centric track delves into the historical struggle of black men and women who have persistently found themselves at the bottom rung of society for the past 500 years. Through compelling examples like Gandhi, Obama, and Barhelomé De Las Casas, The Disciple sheds light on the enduring marginalization faced by the black community. Importantly, the song aims not to be against any specific group but rather presents historical facts with a humanistic perspective.

The essence of The Disciple’s music lies in championing human rights and social justice, encouraging listeners to engage in meaningful dialogues surrounding these pressing issues. Through his music, he endeavors to sensitize people to the enduring struggles faced by marginalized communities, fostering greater understanding and empathy in the process. With his powerful messages and captivating artistry, The Disciple continues to leave a profound impact on the world of hip-hop and beyond.


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