Embracing Fragility: ‘A Stone in the Mouth of the Ocean’ – A New Single and album by ‘Luke Beling’

Renowned folk artist Luke Beling, hailing from South Africa, is on the brink of unveiling his inaugural album, “A Stone in the Mouth of the Ocean.” Anticipation surrounds the album’s impending release date in October 2023, following the introduction of four distinct singles. Leading the pack is the title track itself, which not only shares the album’s evocative name but also serves as a thematic prologue. This initial single delves deeply into the odyssey of reconciling our inherent human fragility while embarking on a quest for significance within the vast expanse of our cosmic home.

Beling’s artistic journey has been profoundly shaped by the lively musical landscape of the 1960s and 1970s. As a singer-songwriter, he draws inspiration from the melodies that resonate from his father’s vintage records and the profound struggles of his homeland.

Krister Axel, a prominent voice from CHILLFILTR, eloquently characterizes Beling’s musical creations as an exquisite fusion of acoustic folk and a pop-friendly sensibility. These compositions intricately weave threads of spirituality and profound insight, resulting in a harmonious blend that strikes a deep chord.

At the core of Beling’s artistic vision is a desire to infuse his music with the entire spectrum of human experiences – from life’s marvels to its trials. Nurtured by his global journeys, he crafts his folk melodies into vessels for conveying genuine narratives to his audience.

In a synchronicity that aligns impeccably with the album’s debut, Luke Beling has recently formed an exclusive partnership with Think Music Group, marking a significant milestone in his journey. This collaboration will facilitate the representation and licensing of his album, “A Stone in the Mouth of the Ocean.”

Furthermore, the album’s launch will be complemented by a set of four lyric videos, each meticulously tailored to harmonize with the essence of the individual singles. These visual offerings will provide an enriched and immersive experience for listeners as they delve into the intricate musical tapestry woven by Luke Beling.








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