Marietta Grant’s new single ‘That’s Why’ is a personal song that shows the unique set of challenges she is facing and how life can sometimes get in the way

Marietta Grant is a very common face in the world of R&B, and she has been around since 2010, constantly writing songs and bringing in a multitude of clever ideas to the table. What makes her different is the rawness of her songs, the fact that they are filled with emotion, but also very fun to listen to and rather uplifting.

When she started creating music, she wanted to design the type of music that’s impressive, fun to go through, but also filled with amazing content and a variety of unique ideas. In fact, some of her latest work seamlessly manages to combine soul music with genres like R&B and pop. Creativity is key here, and trying to combine genres is not going to be easy. But that’s the thing that really makes Marietta stand out. She never gives up, and she always tries to provide a new perspective and numerous creative ideas, while still keeping her stance fresh on any topic.

Her new single named That’s Why is a rather personal song that shows the unique set of challenges she is facing at this time and how life can sometimes get in the way. She shows that a lot of challenges and issues can appear, yet you always have someone to fall back on, a person that cares about you and which protects you more than you might imagine.

With That’s Why, Marietta shows that every person has their downfalls. Not every situation is going to be one where you are happy. It just happens to have downsides as well, so you really need to commit to success and never give up. Having someone that you trust and which can help you get past any bad things is definitely worth it, and that person will help you push the boundaries and do the things you love.

Her single is a feel-good tune that motivates you and which empowers you to really focus on happiness and success. We know that it’s never going to be simple to achieve those things you set to do. You always need that person that encourages you to continue and which gives you all the support you need. Doing that is never easy, it takes a lot of time and effort, but the payoff itself can be quite extraordinary every time.

At the end of the day, what we enjoy in That’s Why is the rawness of the song and the fact that it expresses human nature in its finest form. It shows that yes, a lot of people are insecure, and there are a ton of challenges that we end up facing every day. Yet it also brings in front the social side, showing that others can also help us lift ourselves from the ground and continue pursing what we want to achieve.

This is a great song, it has a very good melodic line, but what really makes it amazing is the overall tone, vibe and quality as a whole. It’s engaging, yet appealing to people of all ages. The combination of soul and R&B with some pop elements can be felt from the start, and it all helps deliver a very interesting, unique musical theme that you do not want to miss!

Listen to her single here:

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