Record Niche 2020 Music Interviews: Exclusive interview with AUTOM8theSKY

What’s your 2020 goals for AUTOM8theSKY?

Keep writing and recording. I have a bunch of songs that need to see the light of day. Would like to have the next album complete by Summer 2021. 

Could you tell us what’s the best way to stream your music? 


What type of guitar are you using at the moment?

A buddy of mine gave me this book recently called “The Birth of Loud” by Ian S. Port which tells the story of Leo Fender and Les Paul, their friendship and rivalry. 

I reacquainted myself with my Fender Strat which I haven’t played for quite some time. Ever since this read, I can’t stop playing it, Lol.  

I forgot how comfortable this instrument was plus the clarity and tones make it very enjoyable. 

When I’m feeling acoustic, I play a 12 string Taylor 656ce which has this bright sound that I love. 


Favorite music quote?

One of my favorite lyrics from a song is something Stevie Nicks wrote for Fleetwood Mac called “Sara”, 

“Drowning in the sea of love where everyone would love to drown”. 

Beautiful line, and brilliant! How was her mind working when she came up with that?

Favorite writing spot?

Writing for me can happen anywhere anytime that is the beauty of the iphone. However, my favorite spot is my bedroom which I have a comfortable work station set up by my window. If an idea comes to mind, there is no loss of time. The goal is to capture as many viable thoughts that could turn into a song or lyric and not let it get away from you. 


Instagram: @AUTOM8theSKY

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