With an alternative, powerful and melodic niche rock sound it’s ‘Trish Discord’ and ‘Is This My Mental Breakdown?’

Trish Discord Announces her new album “Is This My Mental Breakdown?”

Queens, NY – Trish Discord is thrilled to announce the release of the “Is This My Mental Breakdown Album” album available everywhere on Friday, May 15th!

“Is This My Mental Breakdown” is a five song EP that dedicates each song to a different mental disorder.

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Mark your calendars for May 15th to hear new music released!

Gepostet von Trish Discord and the Defiant am Donnerstag, 30. April 2020

It talks about the experiences one has with each disorder but also focuses on the way these people are treated by family, friends, and society in general. Trish Discord felt this album needed to be written because a lot of people have been stigmatized for their mental disorders by the inaccurate perception people have of them.


With an alternative, powerful and melodic niche rock sound it’s ‘Trish Discord’ and ‘Is This My Mental Breakdown?’  – Record Niche

May is Mental Health Awareness month which seemed like the perfect time to debut this album and share with the world the truth about mental disorders based on the real criteria from the manual Psychologists use (the DSM V).

John Cronin of Unedited Music Blog said:

“I really admire that idea, it’s just another way to talk about mental health but in a very creative way. I’ve been personally waiting for someone to do this…[Trish Discord’s] voice definitely reminds me of Dolares O’Riordan from The Cranberries, especially in ‘Social”.

Check out the album coming out on all platforms May 15th and follow the social media links below!



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Youtube: www.youtube.com/trishdiscord
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TrishDiscord/?ref=bookmarks
Website: Trishdiscord.com

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