Welan Edvee and Luis Ledman deliver a World Latin-Trap Gem straight from Indiana Jones with the addictive Amanecer’

With Amanecer, Welan Edvee and Luis Ledman take you into their warm and dancing world.

In these complicated times, this title will give you a smile.

Welan Edvee is on all streaming platforms. You can find these albums with various universes online.

With an exceptional mix, this track was produced in 3D Dolby Atmos. This new musical training will allow you to better immerse yourself in music and discover a unique sound.

So, turn up the sound slightly and fly to the warm and rhythmic atmospheres of the Latin Trap.



Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/5biWRxrqwAidJiOV4tFdTa?si=LaBqdka6Rria_8JQN2kxmg


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