‘Wadley’ was created by DJ and producer ‘Diego Martinez’ aka ‘Bubu’ who releases new album ‘Golden Sands’.

After recording, mixing and mastering in Sonika Studios in Sweden, Diego traveled back to Mexico to form a band around the album Golden Sands with fellow dis and producers. Wadley’s album is a masterpiece that communicates to a multi cultural and multi generational audience. From the first track “Self Proclaimed” it sets a tone for a powerful uplifting deep reach set of songs that leave space for the imagination and the internal story of everyone to explore.

Joined by fellow musicians Billy Mendez (Mendrix, Feathered Sun, Motel), Thomass Jackson (Calypso Records), Andy Kenguan (Diamante Electrico), Children (Cafe Tacuba), Viken Arman, Omar Velasco, Paul Traumer, Mirida, Roderic and Santi Rodriguez among others, the support team of this project is unbelievably talented. Many remixes are in the way of some of the world’s best electronic music producers.

The album Golden Sands is a collaborative effort between Bubu and his dad and was produced by the great Tom Goren in Stockholm. It’s being remixed nowadays by some great dance floor music producers.

This first album comes from the spark that Diego and his dad had between them create, His dad Lorenzo Martinez was a renowned scientist and in the album he contributes with 5 of the albums songs lyrics taking on concepts such as Black Holes, Quantas of Planck, having unexpected adventures and overcoming challenges and strongly facing death and life.

From beginning to end there is a story in Golden Sands, you can say it is a life’s story.

Wadley was created by dj and producer Diego Martinez aka Bubu and recovers the thoughts, experiences and cosmovisions of his dad’s poems while fighting cancer. Its honest approach to music and lyrics make it a particular piece of art that takes inspiration from the Wirikuta desert in Mexico, Wadley is a train station that is also a gate to magical places of visions, downloads of dreams and roads to reach higher frequencies.

The journey begins when my grandfather gifted me a drum set, later my dad gave me and my brother a guitar. We pretty much shared everything but anyway then at 17 my dad gave me a couple hundred dollars and I could buy these little gemini cdjs. I began to DJ and understand different structures in music. Hypnotized by minimal electronic sounds I started to play with Reason back in 2004 but the process of making songs with the guitar and releasing them was slow. Guitar music was always there but I kept it to myself for a long time. I believe that to write lyrics you have to live a bit and have a few crazy experiences, explore the cycles of life, consciousness and make mistakes.

To not be boring about my dj producer story and so forth the thing is my dad came with a poem one day and asked me if we could make music for it and music grew easily around it. My dad was truly a visionary, his incredibly scientific structured mind turned to poetry and nailed it taking on profound subjects with grace and lightness. I mean it was our last project together so that’s why this album is special for me.

Wadley delivers a universal message that will resonate with everyone, music for all ages and cultures.


Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/15JDX4IGnsAAoy8SOkzTVu?si=9rTdRQhjSA2cj_Rm3nOAZQ

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9bpTV2TtlAbA1Il_tYrWvw

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/wadleymusic

Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/mx/album/golden-sands/1646106806?l=en

Amazon Music: https://music.amazon.com.mx/albums/B0BFZ74TDB?marketplaceId=A1AM78C64UM0Y8&musicTerritory=MX&ref=dm_sh_nWOh6aAlKR2gszNEg5SPf1NY4 or https://music.amazon.com.mx/albums/B0BFZ74TDB

Youtube music playlist: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=OLAK5uy_lBFKlq8IGdoYcrjAiuIIlAVk1aiyZyqTQ

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