Sacramento native ‘Troy Jagan’ A.K.A The Jungle releases ‘Take Your Time’

Fresh from the production room, it’s The Jungle Deep’s new song, “Take Your Time”.

Carrying the torch of funk and soul heroes of times past, The Jungle seeks to carve a fresh path for his brand of r&b and dance music. Sacramento native ‘Troy Jagan’ taught himself to play piano at a young age, then later cut his teeth playing keyboard and singing in various bands around the northwest, while producing beats that he would later embellish and experiment with.

Wanting a fresh start, he relocated last summer from Seattle back to his hometown to begin work on a solo EP, “WATT+KARL”, an homage to his city and the sounds that influenced him growing up. The first single “Nothing Can Come Between Us” is a reimagining of a Sade classic.


People can expect to hear more of his falsetto-tinged funk on his debut project, streaming now on digital platforms everywhere.


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