Take a musical journey with the new single ‘Vulnerable Rebellion’ by self taught musician VDXi

VDXi has released the latest single called ‘Vulnerable Rebellion’.
The song starts off with a beautiful female voice and synthesiser that sounds like they could take you on an amazing journey.
The guitars kick in at around 45 seconds and as soon as they do, this song starts to rock. What follows is basically a 4-minute guitar solo with plenty of pinched harmonics and just the right amount of ‘shredding’. Towards the end the lovely vocals start again, this time accompanied by the rhythm guitar and the drums. The guitars and drums are definitely giving it a nice rock twist.

VDXi is a completely self-taught musician, using computer programming tricks and virtual instruments to communicate his stories through music.
The artist has a wide range of musical styles and instrument emulations built into the music and this might not become obvious after you listen to just one song/composition, but it will become more apparent when you listen to more of them.

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