‘Santo and the People’ gets inspired by a stop off in the Utah desert returning with the cool ‘New Ride’

‘Santo and the People’ gets inspired by a stop off in the Utah desert returning with the cool ‘New Ride’ – Record Niche 

A new ride is a new way. When your heart feels pulled in every direction, looking in + making new choices. A new ride is changing what you can + letting go of what you can’t. A new ride is being better to yourself + (thus!) to others. New Ride is an old beat I found on my computer that turned into a spontaneous collaboration with my brother, Julian. A new ride is shining your(!) light + loving all this precious time we have together.

Every day. Make your way.

In the Valley of the Gods, Utah, SANTO was born. 25-year-old songwriter, producer, artist Jacob Klein rambled from one side of the United States to the other and back again on a journey of self-discovery. While driving back, 200 miles into the Utah-desert, Jacob pulled over to set up camp in the Valley of the Gods. That night, with midnight-howling-winds and stars piercing the sky, risen from the ashes, Jacob died and SANTO emerged.

In his various projects, Jacob had performed with the likes of Maroon 5 and Selena Gomez, worked with Elliot Smith-producer Larry Crane, received guidance from Kanye West and Beyonce-collaborator Malik Yusef, and mentored in song writing under Jules Shear. A chance encounter with Blondie while busking in New York scored him an invite to perform at her New York Fashion Week event. For all these accolades and study, though, it never quite fit what Jacob sought to leave behind.


SANTO + the PPL is a creative outlet that eschews all constraints, whether they be genre, structure, norms, medium, limitations of any kind. SANTO + the PPL produces music, art, visuals and apparel that reflects on the culture, celebrates our shared experiences and dreams of the future. SANTO draws from anything and everything, finding inspiration in popular movies, TV shows, art, and fashion, grunge, pop, hip-hop, folk and jazz — all of the above and all of the below.

Only the universal muse impels the project forward, carried wherever it may go. As SANTO + the PPL came into being, so shall it proceed, directed by the universe with the journey as the destination.

New Ride Single art


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