‘Rick Habana’ delivers a niche smooth jazz cut with the cool heavenly beach vibe of ‘Smooth It Out’

“‘Rick Habana’ delivers a niche smooth jazz cut with the cool heavenly beach vibe of ‘Smooth It Out”Record Niche UK

Rick Habana is back on the scene with a brand new single: Smooth It Out The brand-new track features a collaboration with legendary artist Paul Brown.

The track is going to be available from the 6th of March, and listeners will be able to find it on their favourite music streaming platforms!

As a Smooth Jazz Producer, Composer and Multi-Instrumentalist, Rick Habana is a master at creating charming vocal melodies and soothing arrangements, bringing elegance and verve to his tracks.

“Smooth It Out” is no exception and he managed to spice up the mix with a spot-on collaboration. On this song, Rick is joined by Paul Brown, a legendary artist in his own right who also set out to infuse some of his personality on this song, making for a diverse and forward-thinking feel that transcends the usual boundaries of the genre.

The song is also excellent in terms of production, showcasing a polished, modern sound with so many natural dynamics. The LA-based artist and producer outdid himself with one of his most diverse and textural songs to date, and he is only getting started. In fact, “Smooth It Out” is going to be featured on the artist’s upcoming project, “The Collective,” which is also going to be available in the near future.

This remarkable lead single is a great first taste of what’s about to come next, and it stands out as a fantastic indication of what people can expect from the project as well. Much like this song, “The Collective” is going to be packed with exciting international collaborations and guests from all over the world, giving each song a unique personality, yet achieving a lot of consistency within the context of the project being a smooth listening experience from start to finish.

‘Smooth It Out’ is here to pave the way, so don’t sleep on it!



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