Record Niche talk about getting insulted with Ellie Goulding !

Ellie Goulding ‘feels strong’ after deflecting a few insults.
The 28-year-old released her debut LP Lights in 2010 with follow-up album Halcyon hitting shelves in 2012 and both records sold millions of copies worldwide.
Ellie is active on social media and even though she’s highly successful and respected, the star reveals cruel people love to send insults her way.
“I Instagram and I tweet and I perform in whatever I want and if you accept that you’re always going to get negativity then you can overcome it,” she explained in the June issue of Women’s Health UK magazine.
“So when you see a nasty comment, you don’t think, ‘That’s not fair’. It just kind of turns into a blur. I feel strong. I mean, physically I’m strong but I feel like it does add to me being a bit stronger and being able to deflect things easier.
“I feel like when things happen that make me sad ‘ when people might talk about me or when the press might say things about me that aren’t true ‘ I feel like I can deal with it now.’
In February it was confirmed Ellie is currently in a romantic relationship with fellow musician Dougie Poynter, who plays in pop rock band McBusted.
The songstress is absolutely in love with her 27-year-old beau, as he provides Ellie with a lot of positivity and inspiration.
“When I’m with him, I’m just his girlfriend, nothing else,’ she noted. ‘He’s been doing this much longer ‘ which is a first for me. We can have a really healthy understanding of what we do, but we’re not too into it. There’s no ego or anything like that.”


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