Luca Draccar’s new EP ‘419’ is an anagram for a One Night Stand.

LUCA DRACCAR announces new EP ‘419′ – Living in one place is imprisonment. An exhilarating wandering in multiple places.
Enjoy the pleasure in one night of 419 pure pleasure.

Breaking the mould and refusing to be confined, comes naturally to Berlin-based Luca Draccar. Being tied down to one place feels like imprisonment, and the same applies to his music, an avant-garde experimentation of techno music. Luca Draccar’s latest EP, ‘419’ seeks to find pleasure in more than one place.

Referring to one night stands, ‘419’ is actually an anagram of For One Night. Pushing boundaries within his music, Draccar relishes in the soundscape of pleasure. Heavy and heated, ‘419’ pushes musical boundaries that are urban and industrial. ‘Dadaism’ is the most sensual sounding, with sweeping synths and bass lines, contrasted with screeching synths and the intimacy of fragmented voices, while manufactured rhythms press on.
‘Lippen’ is dramatic and tense, with robotic German female vocals that cause suspense against the whispering growl of male vocals. Building tension, the song pulses and glitches. ‘Vagabondage’ is mischievous as rippling bass lines sit under modernistic drum machines, surrounded by mysterious noises and sounds. The rawness of the piano adds a hypnotic quality.

‘419’ never settles in one place, always searching for something more, wandering in multiple places as it was meant to.

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