‘Luca Draccar’ drops a niche deep house sound on new EP ‘Flamboyant’

Luca Draccar has developed a distinctive sound, inspired by the sun-soaked atmosphere of Los Angeles, California, where the kingdom of summer never fades away. From the punch of great electronic elements, down to the melodies of Luca’s stunning arrangements, anything goes, and the possibilities are truly endless.

The Italian-born, yet Berlin-based artist recently spent some time in LA, where he really let the heat influence is amazing creativity! This project stands out as a really good introduction to the artist’s work, and great taste of what Luca Draccar is really all about.

The EP immediately kicks off with a memorable introduction and it sets into a clever arrangement Ultimately, this release is a great achievement for Luca Draccar, and it undoubtedly going to get him many new fans and listeners. If you like music that’s made with passion and focus, you will appreciate all of the artistry, passion and focus that this artist brings to his work. 

Find out more about Luca Draccar and do not miss out on Flamboyant. This release is currently available online:

Flamboyant Cover 


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