A well produced sound with Niche synths and beats ! The new drop from Canada’s ‘ImButcher’ is I’m Alive

Vancouver’s ImButcher is a DJ and producer paving his own way as an artist. Leading with a fine balance between passion and skill, backed up by hard work and a clear dedication to the art-form, every release sees innovative soundscapes and conceptual audio journeys emerge – each one as engaging as it is uplifting and musically impressive.

From the epic seven-minute experience that is Belladonna, through the deeply thoughtful and equally immersive Tiger Is My Name, ImButcher consistently raises the bar and often breaks the mold in the same instance. He offers faultlessly entrancing melodies and ambiances that fuse the better parts of classic EDM with stunning dashes of soul and emotional depth.


ImButcher’s influences range from classic electronic acts such as Depeche Mode, to contemporary alternative rock acts like Muse – encapsulating creative freedom, but far from defining what it is that such a unique catalogue as this really means for modern music.

ImButcher’s latest release showcases some of his most cinematic and powerful music yet. I’m Alive is a superb collection, each track holding close to a distinct set of conceptual threads, but each still shining brightly in its own artistic right.


Whatever the mood, ImButcher’s music is categorically honest and often indicative of genuine personal experiences and feelings. Where Belladonna emerged following a period of depression and turmoil, I’m Alive leads with a slightly more optimistic view on life – though it makes no qualms with holding onto realness and struggle when necessary. Authenticity helps make his music so compelling – this, and a clear level of experience and understanding in both composition and production.

This new album presents a refreshing take on EDM and soundscape design. Quite unlike anything you’ll have heard this year, I’m Alive brings through some of ImButcher’s best work yet; and somehow still this feels like merely the beginning.


Spotify https://open.spotify.com/album/2FoubVSM7RLZqmkNQoWH6Y
Apple Music https://geo.itunes.apple.com/us/album/im-alive/1460687180?uo=4?app=music
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Deezer https://www.deezer.com/album/94627712
Amazon https://www.amazon.com/Im-Alive-ImButcher/dp/B07R2B85M4?SubscriptionId=AKIAJ2JPVFTMZGHMZXNQ&linkCode=xm2&camp=2025&creative=165953&creativeASIN=B07R2B85M4
Amazon Music https://music.amazon.com/albums/B07R2B85M4
Tidal http://www.tidal.com/album/108186073
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