“I’m a self taught artist with many talents” says ‘unidef’ as he releases new single “Everlong Cover”

“Everlong Cover” is the new single from ‘unidef’. He will also be releasing “Concert”, a classical music piano only piece, to be released march 30th 2022.

He says “My music is all self produced. I do all the mixing and preforming and writing and etcetera. Unidef stands for Universe and Definition, also the naming scheme was also inspired by the rapper Mos Def’s name. My cover of Everlong took me 10 minutes to make including practicing, and I think its ok. I also crashed a party and avril lavigne was there, almost made it with her.

I’m a self taught artist with many talents. I know how to use a digital audio workstation fluently and I can produce amazing music due to my computer programming background”.



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