GEOMIKE122 releases new project ‘MICHAEL CIOLINO’

If you’ve been looking out for a new artist to follow, then you may have stumbled across the latest works of up-and-coming artist, GeoMike122. Indeed, despite being a relatively new name in the music scene, his work has already been taking music streaming platforms by storm – and we’re eager to see how his career continues to develop as a result.

One of the key selling points of GeoMike122’s music is his passion for helping others through his own experiences, and his music so often follows real stories and tales as a result Indeed, this personal touch for his music gives every song a level of gravity that we so rarely get to experience with modern music.

Meanwhile, his personal quirkiness and exuberance also come through strongly, ensuring that every song offers its unique appeal. Though the songs themselves can tackle some serious topics, his flair and enthusiasm keep the songs engaging and interesting to listen to, and their blend of pop beats with unique cultural heritage sounds further promote their uniqueness overall.

GeoMike122 is proud to say that his ADD diagnosis “allows [him] to hear noises most people don’t, and see things that others miss,” and this is just one aspect that contributes to the unique sound of his songs. It’s certainly a sound that we’re thrilled to have discovered!

In summary: we’re firm believers that GeoMike122’s career is one that’s going to continue climbing from strength to strength, and with this in mind, we have every hope that we’ll see even greater things to come from his music before too long.

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