Food, music and love on charts for Luju Festival

Swazi DJ Ohpis will be bringing his own mix of international sounds to the Standard Bank Luju Food & Lifestyle Festival.

It’s just one more weekend to go before we eat, sway and love with the Standard Bank Luju Food and Lifestyle Festival. 

On the lineup for the two day event that includes culinary flair, designer goodies and great music, Swazi DJ Ohpis will be bringing his own mix of international sounds to the affair. 

He spoke to The Star about his career and plans for the festival:

How did your career in music begin?

I got my start in the city of Chicago, USA. Studying and living in the US really opened me up to some amazing people, cultures and experiences. It was a life changing experience that gave me enough insight and curiosity to give DJing and a purpose in music a try.

First time playing a club in Chicago was in the spring of 2015 and that single moment was important in propelling me into doing more gigs publically.

How has the reception to your music been?

I should first mention I’m a huge fan of the genre and culture that is electronic dance music. In particular, electronic music in southern Africa has become such an undeniable force, a lot of acts in the region are breaking more into international spaces and rightfully participating. I’m an enthusiastic curator of that type of music, and production.

I play music I vibe to and vibe with, and largely I am betting the crowd does so too. When a crowd understands and responds to the music and vibes I’m sharing, that to me is some of the most fulfilling experiences in this journey. So I could say reception depends on the type of event and the type of crowd it attracts. 

What are your expectations of the Luju Festival?

Firstly I am expecting a larger than life festival experience in my own backyard Eswatini which is really cool and special, knowing that the only other comparable event is Bushfire. So I am excited not only to attend, because there’s something really liberating about the whole festival experience, but also to play there. I am looking forward to observe and learn from some of the established and world renowned acts I will be amidst

Are you working on any projects this year?

I’m part of this really cool collective from Eswatini that spans the world, MotherLand X (MLX). Part of my job is to share and infiltrate a lot of the camp’s music to people, whether it’s through digital marketing campaigns, or actually playing the music during my sets on platforms such as Bushfire and now the LUJU Fest. It’s a task I take a lot of pride in. I release mixes and in them, try to seamlessly incorporate music from local producers, with music you would find on commercial spaces, and or even platforms such as Soundcloud. As for my own projects, I am trying to field record and collect as many sounds, sound bites of my surroundings here eSwatini. I am hoping to one day either use those in my own productions, or share it with my producer homies in creating field based music.

Set on the House on Fire Sculpture Garden in Eswatini, just a four-hour drive from Johannesburg at the home of the MTN Bushfire Festival, this is a not-to-be missed event for any food enthusiasts, culture buffs and travellers. 

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