‘Erene Mastrangeli’ releases the soothing and cinematic single “Let’s Take It Slow”

Singer/songwriter Erene Mastrangeli releases new single “Let’s Take It Slow” to radio and all digital platforms.

Soothing and cinematic, Erene’s beautiful new single “Let’s Take It Slow” will take you on a journey through Tuscan country roads and Roman sunsets with its captivating melodies and dreamy arrangements.

Erene’s first single off her new album LOVE, SHINE, the song is an invitation to slow down and enjoy the beauty of our daily lives and of nature around us.


Written in collaboration with master lyricist and songwriter Brad Roberts, of the Crash Test Dummies, it was supposed to be the soundtrack of a Slow Food cooking show to be produced in New Orleans, but due to the popularity of the the song at her live shows, it became the first single off of her new album.

The captivating arrangement by Daniele Sinigallia is groovy and mesmerizing.

The song brings warmth and sun to the heart even in the middle of winter.

Erene is no stranger to accolades for her music and this new single is sure to follow suit.

“Let’s Take It Slow” releases to all digital platforms and select radio stations across the country this November.




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