Echolily’s new single “Under the Clocks (Stay)” isn’t just about one feeling, but rather, it captures the very essence of being alive and in love

Since the dawn of time, people have been penning love songs left right and center, largely because love is one of those inescapable feelings we all come to suffer at some point. Don’t get us wrong, we’ve got nothing with love, it’s a great feeling, but often, it can be quite a stale source of inspiration for music. Gone are the days when you could serenade your lover on a balcony. Nowadays, pretty much anything that could be said about love has been said already, so it’s very hard to make a love song that sticks to the audience for more than five minutes.

And yet, Echolily has managed to do just that. This young powerhouse of a musician has created what is perhaps one of the greatest, most memorable tracks of the 21st century. Her unique love song, entitled simply “Under the Clocks (Stay)” somehow manages to capture all the complexities of being in love as a youth in the 21st century. Echolily infuses her song with so much raw emotion, and such a unique, youthful perspective, that she somehow manages to breathe new life into this subject as old as time itself. As is the case for any truly great song, “Under the Clocks (Stay)” isn’t just about one feeling, but rather, it captures the very essence of being alive.

Yes, it bears a distinct mark of life in this current era, but then, what great song doesn’t? For that reason, it’s easily relatable to youths, but also for older listeners, looking to relive their youthful romances.

“Under the Clocks (Stay)” is a powerfully melodic and well-written musical offering you will love to have on loop. You’ll be telling all your friends about it, regardless of the type of music they normally listen to. Why? Because Echolily is the kind of artist who transcends genre altogether.

Stream ‘Under the Clocks (Stay)’ here:

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