David Longoria releases “A BETTER PLACE” new Jazz album

David Longoria releases A BETTER PLACE” new Jazz album 

The new album features a theme of doing good for the world. The first song, Make The World A Better Place is a fun, upbeat song to inspire others to join in trying to do some good in the world. David’s lyrics and trumpet playing are unparalleled. Drummer Tony Jones (Billy Preston, Bob Dylan) holds the various times together beautifully with a classic feel and confident approach. Solos from both pianist Rique and bassist Maciej are world class.  

The second song Dont Let Another Mother Cry is a jazz ballad taking on the tragedy going on in the streets of Chicago where innocent children and others are being killed at an alarming rate and it isnt getting the attention and remedy it needs. This one was written and created for an upcoming movie called Mothers Cry, taking on this issue.  

David takes on the Gershwin classic Summertime bringing in the remarkable voice of Promise Marks to join him. Promise has a real gift and she can take the lyrics and melody to new heights with her soulful interpretation, says David. And soulful it is! What a beautiful combination this is. Its not often that a standard as this can bring new life with it and become a new version to hold up. This is one of those performances. Kudos to Kip Webster on drums, creating a brushes vibe, Rique Pantoja on Piano, Maciej Sadowski on bass and Doug Perkins on guitar.   

Terra Pax is a David Longoria original song that seems to sing to a woman called Terra Pax. In Latin those words mean Peace On EarthI wrote this song in a way to cry out for the need of this Terra Pax, he explains, adding as I know I want her, I chase and while she is beyond my reach I feel the need to pursue her anyway.” The clever lyrics are perfect with Davids smooth delivery and muted trumpet work.  

Look To The Sun is a jazz tribute to Gospel music where maybe we can look beyond our minds to the creator for help as we discover our many problems in life.  

Singing and playing the classic Bunny Berrigan song from the 1930s I Cant Get Started David set out to honor the sad lyrics in a way to keep it melancholy. Many trumpet players throughout the history of jazz have recorded this song and each brings a different feel to it. Davids is strong, defining and iconic. 

Precious Innocence is a jazz and poetry combination David wrote to address child abuse that is happening all around us. When a friend in Hollywood told me what he had endured in the movie industry falling prey to predatory behavior David took on the idea to create a compelling and interesting jazz song that takes this head-on.  

 Icon jazz and blues singer Barbara Morrison joins David for a unique cool jazz take on the jazz classic Body And Soul. Its a must listen for late night and to create a mood for a romantic evening. 

The album has a fresh take on jazz with both a classic jazz feel and modern approaches. Pianist Rique Pantoja, known for being Chet Bakers pianist, adds his Brazilian jazz touch to the album.  


Check out davidlongoria.com and he can also found on wikipedia 

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