Record Niche meets ‘Cybele’ in an exclusive interview for her new single ‘Anything’

  1. Do you find it easier to write about personal matters when writing songs or just using your imagination ?

That’s a difficult question. I find it easier to release songs that talk about stories involving my imagination, but writing them is harder, and I find it harder to release songs about personal matters, but writing them is easier. In the spur of the moment, it is much easier to write a song about a personal matter because I am usually consumed by a certain emotion that allows the words and music to flow. When I say “I will write a song about this,” I find that it can be more difficult to write than just writing based on impulse and immediate desire.

2.If you can open up on tour for any artist, who would it be ?

If I could open up on tour for any artist, it would definitely be Beyoncé as she has an unbelievably high expectation for quality and excellence. She is my ultimate inspiration in everything I do, and not just in music, she influences my outlook on success and drive. I would love to open up for her because I think I would push myself more than I have ever before if I opened up for an artist that I admired so much. She is phenomenal in every regard and I can only hope to embody an inkling of what she means to her fans.

  1. Could you describe the reaction for your single Anything ?

The reaction for the single Anything has been incredible. I have received so many direct messages on Instagram, videos of people dancing or singing to the song, even some of my peers begin to play the music in class and I’m really in awe of how much people actually enjoy it. I think the song has also allowed for people to take me more seriously as an artist and I think that in the future, it may well be one of my classics.

  1. What is your ultimate goal in the music business ?

My ultimate goal in the music business is to be the first name mentioned when someone thinks of an artist that defined the 21st century, or at least these next preceding decades. I want my musical impact to transcend every musical genre and I will give my all to ensure that.

  1. How would describe your sound? Are you hoping to crossover into different genres ?

My sound? My sound is a crossover of old school R&B with new school pop/crossover R&B. I don’t want to be defined by genres because I find them limiting. I would say it incorporates more soul that a lot of commercial music today and I really hope to produce more music that allows for even grandparents and adults to enjoy. I hope to have the same impact that someone like Bruno Mars might have. Youngsters enjoy his music but so do adults.
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