‘Construction Time Again’ is back as experimental, inventive, synthesiser pioneers ‘SINthetik Messiah’, unleash their therapeutic, electronic sounds onto the earth

Cajun electro/industrial act SINthetik Messiah has released a new EP, titled Split Damage.

Although his past work has taken on the more abrasive sounds of industrial, rock, and aggressive electro, the EP’s two tracks find Bug Gigabyte pursuing a down-tempo atmospheric style, which he describes as “post-trip-hop.”

Appearing on the EP’s first track, “Languish,” is Cat Hall of fellow electronic act Dissonance, lending her signature layers of emotive harmonized vocals; she describes the track as:

“a song that is about the pain of separation, longing – suffering that goes along with unrequited love; always wanting to dive into those feelings and know that the love was personal and real, while bleeding from the frustration of being helpless to dull the sensation.”

Delving further into the ’90s trip-hop influences, the EP’s second track, “Emotional Therapy” is as its title suggests a “therapy session” for Gigabyte as he addresses the loss of his birth mother to stage four lung cancer one year ago.

‘Construction Time Again’ is back as experimental, inventive, synthesiser pioneers, SINthetik Messiah unleash their therapeutic electronic sounds onto the earth – Record Niche UK

Mixed and mastered by Joe Haze (Lords of Acid, Primitive Race), the Split Damage EP was released as a name-your-price item on Bandcamp on April 13.




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