Club award nominee releases second single

Swiss Nightlife Award DJ Releases Single With Jamaican Star Jessie James

Just Wanna Dance, the forthcoming single by Johnny Roxx featuring Jessie James, took less than two weeks to produce when Jessie heard a beat by Johnny in the studio and wanted to put a vocal over it.

Johnny Roxx's new single featuring Jessie James
Johnny Roxx’s new single featuring Jessie James

Johnny Roxx, a DJ and producer from Switzerland of Turkish parents, started out as DJ Slice playing hip-hop for up to six years. Johnny Roxx started out four years ago as, he says: “I was always playing the same genre at the same place and thought ‘this can’t be the truth, I have to move forward’ and combined rock with hip hop or rock with house.” What Johnny plays now is a mixdown of whatever he is listening to, from Iron Maiden to Bob Marley with electro-house.

Big Booty Gal was Johnny’s previous big release a year ago. This is mainly electro-house with a vocal sample from a Jamaican artist. He likes to produce with a great vocal and then he’ll drop the track. The over-all feel is what Johnny calls “tropical”.


The collaboration with Jessie James came about because, Johnny says: “good friends of mine, two guys called WeedyG Soundforce, the biggest dancehall producers in Switzerland, called and said Jessie James was in the studio and he wanted to do a voice over a beat I’d done intended for another artist. I sent the beat over and got the demo. In two hours: such a great work. He’s really talented, Jessie James.”

Jessie was on a promotional tour and said let’s do the video. They completed the song with mixing and mastering and shooting the video within that fortnight. Johnny says: ‘great experience.’

There are four mixes of Just Wanna Dance, which include the original, an extended version, a remix by Doobious from Switzerland and Handbandits. Johnny says the Handbandits’ mix is: “essentially House but it is,” he pauses for thought, “really special.”

Vocal Sample

Johnny Roxx’s second single release, Wanna Dance, written by Jessie James with a vocal sample from a Jamaican artist, is released on 17 February.

Already this year Johnny Roxx has been nominated for the Swiss Nightlife Award 2014.

Here is his first single Big Booty Gal



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