By Small Ruin is all in and as real as ever with their new single Rolling Thunder; a taste of what is to come in 2021

By Small Ruin is an anagram for Bryan Mullis, keeping his music and lifestyle as true to self as possible. Busking since high school, he has made his way across the country playing to anyone who listened. His talent and dedication lead to sharing the stage with artists like DAWES, WILD and Briston Maroney.

As a teen, Bryan was notorious for doing what he wanted, when he wanted, including sneaking out of his parent’s house and hitch-hiking a 10-hour ride to Florida to surprise his girlfriend on the beach. 

More recently, Bryan’s brother almost lost his life in a car accident. Dealing with those feelings inspired his musical journey that brought him unforetold adventures. He often tells the story of being attacked in a convenience store which “lead to a full-fledged movie-like fight that included knocking over shelves and throwing beer bottles. The store was destroyed.” 

From waking up to SWAT teams thinking the band’s van was owned by a nearby active shooter, to unexpectedly playing a nudist pool party of 100+ people, BSR’s thrilling lifestyle is certainly rendered in their music and performance.

By Small Ruin has just released Rolling Thunder, which was inspired by Mullis’ spontaneous travels and adventurous experiences.

This song is about a deep infatuation relationship I had where it was all encompassing – especially at the beginning. After a short time, I was convinced that I could not live without this girl. It’s scary when you get to that point – to realize how much power your partner has to make or break your world with their actions.”

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