Record Niche reveal the secrets of a party by John Legend

John Legend says the success of a party comes down to the guest list.

The US star and wife Chrissy Teigen make up one of showbiz’s hottest couples and often find themselves entertaining their A-list friends.

Getting the right mix of people is key for host-with-the-most John.

‘We usually start thinking about who we’d like to invite – that’s always important, the right kind of people,’ he told The Hollywood Reporter. “It depends on where we are, because my friends in LA are more entertainment-based; my friends in New York are usually people I’ve met in college who are working in finance or consulting. We try to have an interesting mix of people wherever we are.”

Model Chrissy is always in charge of food, as John says she makes the most amazing buffalo chicken, spinach and artichoke dip, while singer John take cares of the tracks.

Hosting the perfect party isn’t the only thing currently on his agenda. The 36-year-old recently teamed up with men’s grooming line Axe White Label, designer Billy Reid and Esquire fashion director Nick Sullivan to start a fashion mentorship programme.

Being able to help fresh new talents get a foot in the industry is high on John’s priority list.

‘We reach out to aspiring designers and give them a chance to show their stuff during New York Fashion Week this fall. It’s all about helping young artists get the opportunity to be seen and heard. I needed that as a young artist so I think it’s cool for us to be able to do that for them, too,’ he explained.

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