BEST NEW EASTERN MUSIC OF 2020: ‘Faizan’ brings out stunning visuals for ‘Aether’ with it’s ethereal, magical and beautiful world sound.

The eastern music has unique tinge that different from western one. Faizan is Maldivian musician, hand pan and drum player who has remarkably proved himself in emerging music.

Ever since he started his career in 2004 he remained the part of different music bands. The breakthrough was when he joined Maldivian band Serenity Dies, whereas he joined Sky Rock band later on.

The latest project of Faizan is “Aether”.  The splendid cinematography with Amadeus the video has exceptional and fascinating scenes. The start is besides very striking; the waves of blue ocean and sand are synchronized with the steps of Amadeus.

The exquisite tunes at the start can enthrall the listener till the end. The class of music is little variated from the contemporary one due to the efforts of Faizan.

He is the writer of the song with composition of Romanian partner Xenti Runceanu. The best combination of music and compositions has brought forth the amazing kind of trajectory.

BEST NEW EASTERN MUSIC OF 2020: ‘Faizan’ brings out stunning visuals for ‘Aether’ with it’s ethereal, magical, beautiful world sound – Record Niche

The concept of track is actually relating the music with the elements of nature. The focus is on love and nature. However, the connection is completed when Faizan offers the concept of fifth element- Aether.

The video is available on all the digital forums. Within short span of time Faizan and Amadeus have found excellent fan following.

The way they presented the track is extensively appreciated. The hard work is evident from the class of camerawork, sound, the location and instruments. The hand pan is interestingly amazing music introduced by Faizan and Amadeus.




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