Award winning rock band Resident N have released their second studio EP

Resident N won multiple awards at the 2019 German Rock and Pop Awards, and is very proud to announce the release of the band’s second studio EP.
The leading single “Ice `n`Snow“ can be found on all major streaming platforms.

Produced at former EMI studio RailRoad Tracks, be prepared for the highest quality tunes. It would be too much talking about a redefinition, but Carlson Rufer and his mates explore the genre just enough to travel back home safely. This 5 song EP contains more wisdom and variety than most 1 hour long players. Escorted by melodic guitar riffs and top notch drum patterns, the poppy hooks create a neat comfort zone. Dance, dream, pump up and run.
And still, their overall sound – not at last due to the charismatic voice -seems so well defined that the listener always knows what band is playing.
Resident N is a blazing avenue offside the mainstream and by all means a band to watch.

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