Adding creativity and outstanding performances to big hits, Watch String Quartet Cadenza’s latest video ‘Locked Out Of Heaven ‘.

‘Cadenza’ is a contemporary String Quartet by Venezuelan musicians who release stunning strings cover of ‘Locked Out Of Heaven ‘.

Cadenza is a contemporary String Quartet by Venezuelan musicians with an extensive musical experience. The project was born in September 2013, and through musical arrangements to the most current themes of pop and rock, they captivated thousands of followers on different social media platforms where they showcase talent and innovative ideas of music with classical instruments.

From the top hits to all of the pop-rock scene songs, increasing the adrenaline through electronic music, or whatever the genre is, Cadenza’s got a wide variety of music they mix with visual elements, adding creativity and outstanding performances.

In 2022, Cadenza joins the list of NS Design Artists, one of the leading bowed electric instruments brands in the world.



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